What we do for retail

Reach, inform and engage 100% of your frontline retail workforce, wherever they are. Whether they’re employees, contractors, hourly staff or partners, we’ve got them covered.

A seamless solution for Supermarket Retail workers

Mobile optimised bite-sized training and engagement for the checkout team, the deli counter crew, the drivers delivering until midnight and even your Christmas temps providing back-up to get those turkeys on the shelves.

  • How to cook chickens safely without burning themselves or making customers ill
  • Which floor cleaner to use in the bakery
  • What the latest merchandising layout looks like for wines & spirits
  • How to stay healthy in body and mind
  • What policy changes actually mean for someone hauling boxes in the warehouse
  • What’s a pension and how can I save for the future

We go where other learning platforms can’t

2.7 billion people, that’s over 80% of the world’s working population are frontline. They’re deskless, dispersed and remote – hard to reach.

Businesses with highly engaged people achieve better results. Human performance equals business performance.

Choose from over 100,000 off-the-shelf courses or create your own

With over 100,000 resources, and growing, delivered by the biggest names in eLearning, you have access to a vast range of topics, including industry specific learning.

Use our simple Block Editor to create trackable multimedia learning assets that are optimised for mobile. 

  • Health and Safety
  • Health and Well-being
  • Industrial Skills
  • Sales and Customer Service
  • People and Communication Skills

Frontline learning & engagement with impact

Get all the benefits of in-person learning, remotely, with timely content your teams need. StoryShare lets you speak to and train your staff, and measure the impact.

  • Improve engagement – Engage your frontline workers with fast, easy-to-access video learning and communications.
  • Enhance your training – Boost productivity, sales and customer ratings, and reduce absenteeism and attrition.
  • Get better insights – Get tangible insights to help you improve engagement and ROI.

Why we do it

When organisations grow, it gets harder to stay connected, especially for frontline staff. We created StoryShare to address the current challenges we are all facing, and to produce immediate returns.

Enterprises who use StoryShare have made a range of meaningful savings including the cost of materials & distribution, software licences, content services, as well as time wasted on tracking, reporting and onboarding.

Our clients also report reductions in staff turnover, absenteeism and the need for shift cover. A more engaged workforce has ultimately translated to higher productivity, increased sales and profitability, and better customer feedback.

How we do it


StoryShare delivers world class video to any device, anywhere. It’s not just about the picture, it’s subtitling, multi-language, upload in any format, play on any device, low-bandwidth and offline. Crowdsource and manage user generated (UGC) videos from across your business.


We support company, managed and personal devices in exactly the same way, as well as kiosks and laptops. We can also support any authentication method, making it simple and secure for every team member to log in.


As your branded StoryShare app can be downloaded from the major public app stores, allowing you to deliver with scale and speed.  Users can download the app from the android or Apple App Store,  enter the company code and start their journey.

Make your workforce less remote and more efficient

Rapidly deploy a branded, multi-language solution to meet the local needs of your workforce.

Share must-see content from a range of sources, from user-generated videos to professional e-learning via partner integrations and social platforms such as YouTube.

Create quizzes to assess knowledge and track progress, and make learning fun through gamification features such as points, badges and leaderboards.

Get deep insights on results and behaviours to better understand the impact on your people and your business. Use the analytics dashboard to measure & refine your content strategy, and watch the engagement levels rise.

Supermarket Story

How StoryShare helped a national supermarket digitise and improve nationwide training