Little Screen. Big impact.

Our award-winning app is the most effective way to give your frontline staff the training & resources they need, precisely when they need it.

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The gateway for any audience

Nothing is more important than reaching people. Your manufacturing site staff. Your shop floor employees. Your supply chain partners and even your customers.

Increase uptake and reinforce your brand & values with an authentic design.

Making onboarding easier

We believe it should only take a few clicks to get started. Once your users have installed the app, they can log in with their unique access code.

Our powerful backend allows administrators to quickly customise every aspect of your app, deliver new content and manage access for users from across and outside your business.


Deliver targeted content

Increase engagement without increasing workload by easily localising content for your global workforce.

Create custom quizzes that check knowledge and reinforce learning from your most important content.

Make learning fun and sticky with leaderboards, achievements and unlockable content.

Create a vital hub

A must-see home feed keeps users up to date with relevant news and communications.

Enrich your team’s experience with a range of media and content from different sources.

Users can further customise their feed, comment, share & like content, or submit their own.

Stress-free content managment

Create stunning new content or save time by cloning and editing successful previous content with our intuitive editor tool.

Easily publish content to custom audience groups, ensuring the right content appears in the right feeds.

Get powerful insights you can use

Get tangible insights to help prove engagement and ROI with our user-friendly data tool.

Focus on impact, not completions, with invaluable behaviour insights on clicks, pauses, user journeys and more.

See who’s using the app, when and from where. Learn how your teams use StoryShare, and which content they value most.

Integrate with MS Teams

Deliver content to the heart of your organisation’s Teams application without users having to leave.

Enable staff to conveniently share important content in Teams chats and channels, increasing its reach with minimal effort.


  • Send push notifications and alerts.
  • Manage communications and announcements.
  • Create and customise quizzes.
  • Create and customise reports.
  • Import and export all data.
  • Learn in over 22 different languages.
  • Report in real-time.
  • Get feedback for each course.
  • Manage video assets.
  • User activity dashboard.
  • Track every click and every pause.
  • Create and manage assessments.
  • Allow users to discuss courses.

  • Access to over 100,000 courses.
  • Create onboarding pathways.
  • Access on multiple devices.
  • Reporting dashboard, in Excel or BI tools.
  • User-created learning playlists.
  • Multiple and simultaneous SSO.
  • Third Party Integrations.
  • APIs available.
  • Content library.
  • Customizable branding.
  • QR Codes generated for each digital asset.
  • Media management in our CMS.
  • Reward progress with badges.

  • SCORM compliance.
  • Track skills through badges.
  • Social features (e.g. comments and likes).
  • Lock courses and define prerequisites.
  • Manage users and group access.
  • Learner discussions and debate.
  • Built-in course authoring.
  • Content management.
  • Engagement analytics.
  • Gamification.
  • Leaderboards.

Based on 8 reviews.
Aidan M.
Aidan M.
Proactive and engaging. StoryShare are a professional outfit who pride themselves on developing a close working relationship with their clients to ensure the project brief is fully understood and all parties are fully engaged. Working with the team has been a pleasure as they are always so approachable. Their techincal abilities have never been in question and we have developed an authenticated mobile app that provides organisational information that is easy to access. ☺First and foremost the StoryShare app platform is really easy use and content rich articles can be created and published within moments. The app frontend is even easier to use and colleagues can access content anytime, anywhere across mulitple devices. Following recent upgrades, Storyshare introduced multi-authentication via respective organisations single sign-on solutions (SSO) which improved the apps security and accessibility. ☹Improvements could be made to the look and feel of the app, mainy the use of more colour. It has a very flat feel to it, especially when viewing on larger devices. As a standalone product, this app has had issues with the integration and connections with other software applications, but this is steadiliy improving.
Jorge V.
Jorge V.
A world of possibilities! StoryShare allows us to quickly and easily evolve and grow our content and learning journeys for our users. We can find upload many different forms of content - audio-visual, articles, pdf, SCORM files - and easily add them to a Stage, a Mission, or a Level. This keeps the learning fresh and interesting for users and keeps content current. ☺From the perspective of an administrator, StoryShare is really easy to use! It's easy to upload content and then structure that content into Stages, Missions, and Levels. StoryShare allows for multiple forms of content - audio-visual, pdf, article, SCORM - which allows us to repurpose our existing content, which is a great plus! ☹My only feedback on something that needs improvement is the quiz stage. While it's easy to create a quiz, there is a preset that means you must set a pass-mark for the quiz.
Sameer A.
Sameer A.
Story Share Learning App good application with a great support team. ☺The push notification and the self paced creation and upload of the content. on the application side and the ready support at anytime on the backend. ☹The guide on how to pilot the product in new markets.
Sharon W.
Sharon W.
My Experience with StoryShareLearn Amazing throughout the process of understanding our needs and objectives, through implementation with their dedicated team and ongoing support as and when required. ☺Ease of use and utilises technologies already invested in, helping us to maximise ROI. Has really helped to drive engagement and help everyone within the organisation stay connected and be productive ☹Nothing. As long as an organisation has a clear strategy of how they want to drive engagement and are committed to implementing this, this is a great solution for the enterprise
Michael B.
Michael B.
StoryShare app for Network Rail Programmes Delivery department Good team to work with and very patient with our sometimes convoluted governance. ☺excellent look and feel, coupled with detailed analytics down to individual level. ☹we changed the reach and branding for the app but the entry code cannot be changed from the original name without further work and cost.
Geoff R.
Geoff R.
Client driven solution with relevant benefits and ROI. Arcadis partnered with StoryShare on an IT solution for Network Rail. They delivered on time and to budget. and were a pleasure to work with. The team were engaging and positive in their outlook and brought a calm and pragmatic approach to the management of Client/Stakeholder relationships . Customer focused, they were always keen to understand client requirements and provide solutions that delivered relevant benefits and ROI. ☺Capability to provide digestible content offline. Insightful analytics capability. ☹No specific issue comes to mind. Minor issues that appeared during testing were resolved expediently to support the App going live.
Peter S.
Peter S.
StoryShare Learn: An Administration Perspective. I experience StoryShare as a content / site administrator on behalf of a major global client. It is primarily being used to deliver operational information and learning to a dispersed, remote audience in multiple languages - using Android mobile devices. The administration options are straightforward in that it allows the client team to perform content management and user management functions without needing a high level of IT expertise. This is particularly valuable to clients who do not want to pay a third party to perform actions they can do in house - but equally don't want to employ dedicated in-house specialists to manage the system. Beyond a certain level of aptitude, you need no special skills. The platform has potential beyond it's current usage. Out of the box it can be accessed through browser, tablet and mobile devices - which allows the client to use it in different working environments, and both on-line and off-line modes. ☺In the latest incarnation it has become for more flexible, has a more attractive user interface, offers far more scope in terms of how content can be deployed and managed - key feature, the ability to deploy multiple learning programmes in the same application. ☹User roles and functions within the role could be better defined - eg Basic user too limited, higher user levels too powerful. Inadequate granularity of permissions in the middle ground.
Tom R.
Tom R.
Brilliant software and team A great one - we're working together to give customers a brilliant end user learning journey to build their capabilities in a bitesize and engaging fashion. ☺End user experience is outstanding - brings all sorts of content into one easy to manage app. ☹Honestly nothing - as we're able to customise if there is anything missing.