International Women’s Day with Chair of the Board Arlene Adams

By Phoebe Barker

As the new Chair of the Board at StoryShare, Arlene Adams has an impressive career history. As the Founder and CEO of Peppermint Technology, a leading SaaS platform for law firms, she is now a non-executive director on the board. Her previous roles include Managing Director of IRIS Legal (now Advanced Computer Software Group), Managing Director of OLM Systems, CEO of Valista and UK Sales Director at Sun Microsystems.

This International Women’s Day we sat down with Arlene to talk about growing a SaaS business, the changing face of technology and finding your feet as a woman in an industry typically dominated by men.

As new Chair, can you tell us a little bit about the role and what you will bring to StoryShare?

My role is to make sure the board is effective in helping direct and manage the company to reach its goals and achieve success.

I also provide support and mentoring to the management team. My aim is to share my experience – good and bad – to help the StoryShare team navigate the business through this exciting growth phase and fulfil its potential.

What changes to the gender-balance in the workplace have you noticed during your career?

I think there is a greater awareness now around the importance and benefits of diversity. Everyone has a duty to challenge the status quo and really stop and think about the value they can achieve from a more diverse workforce. The increased focus on diversity in recent years has really helped create a more supportive culture, empowering women to take on roles in areas that were historically dominated by men.

What would you say to a young girl considering a job in this industry?

Jump right in. Set your goals high and never, ever give up. You are what you dream, so dream big!

What do women contribute to the tech sector?

There has definitely been an increase in women in the evolving tech sector. Many women are founding and leading innovative start ups and helping drive innovation and solutions to consumers and businesses. I see this particularly in areas where tech, service and human behaviour converge.

Women have a great way of seeing the bigger picture and considering aspects beyond just the engineering of a product, especially aspects like the human experience. Often that is the difference between a tech product that does okay and one which is hugely successful.

How do we attract more women to a career within an industry that has traditionally been dominated by men?

We show them the great opportunities this market has to offer and that they really can achieve their dreams. This market is exciting; it’s highly creative, constantly changing, challenging and it offers the opportunity to make a real difference and impact society.

Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

About StoryShare

StoryShare exists so employees can love their work.

StoryShare is a SaaS Communication and Learning Experience Platform optimised for mobile. The Platform delivers “Netflix style” communication and learning experiences to improve employee engagement and better equip people to do their jobs. The service can reach any employee, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

StoryShare is deployed at leading brands including Unilever, Accenture, Covestro, Renault and Upfield.