How to prove learning is having an impact on your business

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Linking the learning cause to the business effect and proving it’s worked is surely where all our heads should be focused?

With data availability in modern cloud-based systems (that have been designed for wider insights and reporting), Big Data in the People / Human Performance space should be a far bigger thing than it is.

Human Performance over ‘learning’, and how developing an individual can lead directly to increased business performance is the linkage we should all be making.

Our fear is that the learning industry continues to be distracted by shiny new objects like AI and VR, losing sight of why developing people is important for the broader business. If you want a seat at the table, you must prove your worth.

Our research highlights:

  • The focus of learning performance is very much still measured on completions. This only assesses usage, not what people have actually
  • That measuring the impact, transfer and engagement of Learning & Development activities can’t be done just by an end of course questionnaire or post-training survey.
  • Learning systems still exist in isolation of other business applications with their own dashboards, which makes it difficult to combine data from systems outside of the learning remit.