How to make mobile and microlearning a success

Engage 100% of your deskless and frontline workers with mobile learning and communications

This report acts as a practical guide for nontechnical folk. It will help them understand what questions they should be asking and what they need to take into account before embarking upon a mobile learning journey, particularly when it comes to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

We explore where and why the market is failing to engage with BYOD initiatives, specifically for Learning. It also establishes why companies are suffering catastrophic implementation problems, and what buyers are failing to discover in the vendor selection process.

Our research highlights:

  • Original responses from a demographic of 1500 people in employment in Great Britain.
  • That people are happy to use their personal devices at work.
  • There are obstacles to address in the delivery process that will determine
    success, all of which can be overcome with the correct approach and the right technology choices.