How to drive value through learning in the flow of work

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In June 2018, Josh Bersin wrote an article about the new paradigms for corporate training. If you haven’t read it before, it provides a really good plotted history of the market trends, finishing on the new era of the trend he coins ‘Learning in the Flow of Work’ (FLO).

“People don’t have and don’t make time for learning, so L&D departments need to take the learning to them.”

This creates the demand for things like headless learning systems, where the delivery of digital learning resources (and therefore the tracking and metrics) is behind the scenes and surfaced in whichever business application it needs to be
as opposed to in a third party learning app.

Our research highlights:

  • The perception of what FLO actually is, is based on where those organisations are on their current digital learning journey.
  • What we would call digital and mobile learning (on-the-go) could be viewed as FLO, however it’s only part of the puzzle.
  • Multi-device learning provides the fundamental access points to resources / content wherever you are and moves you a long way past just classroom based or PC accessed learning portals.