What is it?

A communication platform optimised for mobile. Capable of reaching any employee, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

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Live in under 24 hours

Accelerated social engagement

87% daily engagement of employees

Love Connect

• Designed and optimised for mobile

• Fast delivery of personalised and on-demand content

• Put your employees in control of what they read, when they read it, and how they read it

• Powerful insight that enables you to tailor your content, to your audience, in real-time

• Go live in under 24 hours


  • Social - comments, likes, sharing, votes, etc.
  • People profiles - make communication and employee connections more accessible
  • Feedback – polling and Q&A
  • Personalised content for roles and individuals
  • Multimedia (video, text and document downloads)
  • Offline usage - no user location restrictions
  • Integration - intranet, SharePoint and Yammer

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