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  • Press release: Global Law firm select StoryShare to deliver a ground-breaking employee news app

    London, November 1st 2018. StoryShare, a leading provider of workforce and employee apps, today announces a new partnership with a top global law firm. The renowned law firm engaged StoryShare to change the way legal firms engage and communicate with employees to increase tangible results such as increased productivity, employee retention and improved solution selling.

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  • What are the main barriers to successful internal communications and how can apps help?

    The Gatehouse State of the Sector report is an annual internal communication and employment engagement report created by responses from leading practitioners around the world. It focuses on every aspect of internal communications including careers, budgets and working practices. This year’s report once again threw up some insightful and thought provoking results, not least the perceived barriers to successful internal communication.

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  • Why employee engagement is crucial to your bottom line and how apps can help

    The IBM Smarter Workforce Institute and Globoforce’s WorkHuman Research Institute recently completed a major global research project looking at how the workplace impacts employee’s experience and how to measure it, called The Employee Experience Index [link to research]. In the project they aimed to identify the ideal employee experience in today’s workplace, explore the impact of a positive employee experience and identify ways for organisations to drive more positive employee experiences.

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  • The end of the employee handbook

    When was the last time you read your employee handbook? You probably can’t remember and who can blame you. They tend to be boring documents (either physical or digital) that no-one wants to read or can’t find. But employee handbooks are essential resources for any business, both for the employer and employee. Employee handbooks don’t have to be dull and hard to find. Turning your handbook into an interactive app can make it a resource your employees want to read.

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  • How technology enhances your workforce – not replaces it

    Enterprises are constantly competing on all fronts to keep pace with the competition; providing an excellent product or service, developing new products, delivering excellent customer service and keeping up with user expectations. It’s no wonder why we are looking to technology to streamline processes, increase automation, increase productivity and decrease costs. By doing this, some large organisations are overlooking our most important assets; our people. It is our people who set us apart and technology should be used to unlock their potential to elevate your business above your competition – not to replace your workforce.

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  • Why CIOs need low-code software

    Digital disruption and digital transformation are just about the hottest topics at the moment in enterprise business. Organisations are going to have to keep up with the rapid rate of change in technology if they want to stay competitive. This poses a real challenge for CIOs. How does IT make it possible for the business to implement digital change at speed? The answer is low-code software.

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  • What is headless CMS?

    Headless CMS, sometimes called decoupled CMS, is becoming more popular and for good reason, but what does this mysterious term mean? In order to explain headless CMS we need to take you back a few steps. Originally, websites were built using static HTML. There was no front end and back end, no content management system (CMS). Even if you only wanted to change a few words on your website you would need to edit the HTML code.

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