A gap in the market that led to an Enterprise App changing the face of Employee Engagement

By Phoebe Barker

With the recent announcement of StoryShare launching their Connect Stakeholder Engagement SaaS product, CEO Rob Dumbleton talks about how an idea grew into a product offering.

A Growing Divide

It was only a few years ago that I found myself becoming more and more frustrated by the growing divide between advancing technology at home, and the outdated systems in the workplace. People now expect to receive information through their phones the moment it becomes newsworthy, (just think Twitter, Facebook and the BBC app), so why doesn’t this exist in the workplace?

The gap in the market meant that businesses were falling behind and their employees were suffering at the hands of technology, or lack of it. Employee engagement was at an all time low and something needed to change.

Getting employees engaged is no easy feat, but using good technology can massively improve this problem. The behaviours of highly engaged businesses result in 21% higher profitability and 70% fewer safety incidents (Gallup, state of global workplace). So why aren’t businesses succeeding in engaging their employees when enterprise engagement is directly linked with performance outcomes?

Frontline Mobile Technology

Technology is not moving fast enough to cope with the ever-changing ways that businesses and markets operate. Many companies are still using email and intranets which aren’t catering for the dispersed workforce, who need information on the go. This is why we created the Connect app for mobile.

I am passionate about bringing the technology we love at home into the workplace. As CEO of StoryShare, I help the enterprise engage with their workforce via mobile technology, because it increases productivity and profitability. With the average mobile user checking their device over 200 times a day, mobile has to be put first.

Delivering on Content

All businesses have a content management and delivery problem. We all know digital content like video and podcasts are what people want- over 80% of all internet traffic by 2021 will be video. No one has the luxury of time to be searching endlessly for the information they require, it slows decision making and brings activity to a halt. Getting the right content to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, has a huge impact on business performance.

The ability to target specific content on mobile devices gets bigger and more in demand every year. Our clients and customers at StoryShare asked for this capability, so we worked with their ideas and combined them with our expertise to deliver Connect.

Communicating to Stakeholders – Move to Mobile

We’re changing the market for good with Connect, replacing stiff and transactional intranets which can’t keep up with breaking news, ever-changing content and fast consumers. Compare the frequency to which you log into an intranet to the frequency you check your phone, the difference is huge.

Fixing significant enterprise problems has to be about changing company culture from ‘need’ to ‘want’. When you need to do something, because you have to do it, the task becomes a chore. When you want to do something, the solution feels like a natural progression rather than a huge undertaking. Can you argue with that? I certainly can’t.

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