5 tried and tested ways to reconnect with your employees in the new year

By Phoebe Barker

Going back to work at the beginning of the year can be tough on both a business and its employees. The time off over the festive period often leaves us feeling sluggish; most return to work with inboxes so full that our commitments to diets and dry January are put to the test. It’s no surprise that workplace morale and employee engagement are likely to be at a low.

It’s crucial to re-engage with your employees straight away; to pick up motivation and help ensure a strong year and avoid employees considering job changes.

Companies with active, engaging workplaces outperform their disengaged competitors by 202% (yfs). Therefore, it’s vital that business leaders are proactive, to boost morale and make sure every employee is happy.

With this in mind, here are 5 brilliant ways to reconnect with your employees in 2019:

Company Culture

Businesses with a strong learning culture enjoy employee engagement and retention rates around 30-50% higher than those that don’t (Robert Half). Regardless of the size of your business, setting the groundwork for a successful venture is about strong company culture and vision.

It’s important that every employee works together with a shared goal and united direction. Building and promoting a bold, affirmed brand is the key to internal company strength: the more an employee understands their company culture, the more confident they will be in their own position and the work they’ve got to achieve.

Roughly one-third of adults would leave their job for a better company culture (Yoh), so don’t be afraid to invest in internal communication software solutions. Digitising your internal comms can help guarantee employee engagement and retention, promote company culture and values and acknowledge the successes of your company and individuals.

Social Communication

Social communication should be both continuous and accessible, to make sure every employee stays in the loop and feels they have a voice. Thanks to digital advancements and mobile app platforms, it’s never been easier to keep messages clear, relevant and expeditious.

Over two-thirds of businesses believe they will no longer be competitive if they don’t become “significantly digitised” by 2020 (Gartner), so engaging with online communication platforms has never been more important.

Strengthen company-wide connections with instant messaging platforms for business like Slack, Google Hangouts and Flock. These platforms are all brilliant ways to help move away from outdated email systems to real-time communication, particularly beneficial across disparate, potentially global, work forces.

Work/play balance

It may be a sad truth, but thanks to longer working days most employees spend more time with their coworkers than their family and friends. This time should be taken advantage of, encouraging a social environment where employees communicate on a more personal level, rather than adhering to formal colleague relations and outdated email-only communication.

45% of employees said they consider a prospective company’s work-life balance a crucial factor when researching a job (Lexington Law). It’s simple; if employees value their colleagues and feel more relaxed and comfortable at work, they’re more likely to engage better with their job. Christmas parties may make HR teams nervous, but these out-of-office work events are ideal for encouraging healthy and happy team relationships. StoryShare holds monthly socials that focus on offering fun, new experiences. In the past we’ve done art classes, abseiling and axe throwing!


More than half of UK employees believe their workspace design encourages productivity (Acuity), so changing up the daily workplace environment can be a brilliant way to build a more dynamic team. Even simple changes like going ‘deskless’ or using a hot-desking system rather than a seating plan can help keep company mood upbeat and aid team communication.

Here at StoryShare we use company away days to break up mindless routines and get employees out of their typical environment into new locations. If you have freelancers or remote workers, inviting them to these events helps to integrate them further into the company.

Acknowledge and appreciate

There is a significant difference between someone working to the best of their ability and someone scraping by on the bare minimum, and it’s important to recognise this. Acknowledging employee efforts is important if you want them to feel good about their job and their work, as well as pushing them to achieve more.

With 66% of organisations expected to increase their investment in enterprise mobile apps within the next three years (Fliplet), using feedback and employee engagement apps will be a major growth initiative to help motivate individuals, as well as support learning and improvement.

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